• Gentle Yoga - 90 minutes slow paced mindfulness-based Hatha Yoga class suitable for absolute beginners to seasoned veterans.


  • Prenatal Yoga - 90 minutes slow paced mindfulness-based Hatha Yoga class suitable for expectant mothers (All trimesters) - Booking essential!

  • Butterfly Yoga - Specialized trauma-informed Yoga classes for those who currently experience challenges in a general Yoga class - Booking essential!


  • Meditation sessions -30 minutes and specifically reserved for those who sign up for the 4-week Introduction to meditation course. Booking essential!

  • New students, please notify Wynand in advance via SMS (082 562 1892) if you'd like to attend your first class.


  • Regular students, please SMS Wynand when you won't be able to attend your regular classes.



Please note that your first week is free of charge!

Thereafter the following fees will apply:


Yoga Sessions:


1 Class per week        =  R440 per month      (Pensioners & Students R330)

2 Classes per week    =  R550 per month      (Pensioners & Students R440)

3 Classes per week    =  R660 per month      (Pensioners & Students R550)


Learn how to Meditate:


1 private class per week for 4 consecutive weeks =  R800 

Includes personal guidance from Wynand, reading material and a motivational DVD to establish a regular personal meditation practice! 


Private Yoga lessons:


Group size 1- 5 people @ Joy Yoga or in the privacy of your own home = R660 per hour.  Excludes travel expenses and subject to availability.





  • Membership beyond the first free week requires that you sign and honour a 12-month legally binding membership agreement.


  • After the initial 12 month period, the membership agreement can be cancelled by giving 2 month’s written notice and a final payment for 2 full months.


  • Upon signing the membership agreement, a R200 admin fee will be charged (includes a set of 2 introductory DVD’s).


  • The above-mentioned fees are are strictly payable in advance. 


  • Fees are calculated per calender month and classes are not transferable.


  • Pensioners and students qualify for a discounted monthly fee.


  • Joy Yoga Centre will be closed on public and school holidays.



The following tips will help ensure that you have a comfortable and safe first time experience: 


  • Dress comfortably! Loose fitting and comfortable clothes like a tracksuit with a t-shirt is ideal! In summer time a small towel might come in handy, and in winter time, remember to bring a warm and comfy blanket. 


  • Come to class on an empty stomach. Most people find that they need to leave 3 – 4 hours between their meal and class. With time you will discover for yourself what is best.


  • Always arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to relax and settle in before class begins. Also, if you miss the warm-up at the beginning of the class, your risk for injury increases dramatically, and for this reason no latecomers are allowed!


  • The key to progress in Yoga is regular practice! Doing one class in two weeks simply isn’t enough! Doing two or three classes per week will ensure you gain significant and longstanding benefits! 


  • Yoga mats are provided if you don’t own one yet.



Everyone wants to be healthy, happy and peaceful, but not everyone is willing to do, or stop doing what is necessary to attain these basic yet profoundly important states of being. To be successful on the path of Yoga, you have to show up consistently, work patiently and persistently. There are no shortcuts. It’s about dedication and discipline, and it's that simple. Now it’s your responsibility! Are you ready?

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